This photoblog started out as a daily picture thing. I got lazy, so now it is photos of when I get the chance.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

PhotoFriday: Insignificant

Where some may see insignificance, I find strength. Where one can stand against the many, hope is there. At the same time I am challenged to fight against becoming the many, to stand up in the darkness and proclaim the light. It's easy, downright tempting, to fall in to insignificance, into the darkness. I have to believe in the significance of one. I have to strive for it. To be the light to the dark is scary, because what if I don't shine with a good light? What then will those in the darkness think about the light? Will I betray the goodness of the light? Not today. Today I will stand bright. I will stand for those searching for the light. Though I risk exstinguishing myself, I will stand against the dark. Who will stand with me?


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